Workplace Humanity by Apriel Biggs- Episode 34 of #upyourconfidence Podcast hosted by Lisette Zounon

Excited to bring you this month’s episode of the #upYourConfidence podcast featuring my friend, Apriel Biggs, The founder of Blagile and Executive Leader, to discuss workplace humanity.  She is skilled at strategic planning for nationwide implementations, cross-functional leadership, and developing high-functional personnel.  Apriel is genuinely inspiring and provides some insightful nuggets on how to create boundaries, define our spiritual practices, and show up ready to lead from a place of humanity every day. You will learn the following: 1- How to set boundaries to say No and amplify your YES  2- Define your spiritual practices to keep your fountain flowing.  3- How to create a safe space in your team for your team to thrive at work  You can listen as Apriel share some insightful nuggets in a very vulnerable way about being executive women working every day to create a safe space for others women in the workplace.  Apriel is committed to helping women in tech craft their leadership journeys while maintaining their sense of self. As the founder of Blagile, an organization dedicated to amplifying and elevating Black and Brown voices in agile, Apriel is passionate about creating spaces for technologists to thrive at work.  This episode is available on all platforms where you can listen to podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, YouTube, and wherever you like to listen. Subscribe, rate, and review to catch new episodes every 15th of the month. So stay tuned and UpYourConfidence every day.

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